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Carlson CSI Mobile for Accident Reconstruction

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Measure and map crime scenes or traffic accidents with Carlson’s CSI Mobile and its companion CSI Office software solutions. They are ideal for use by city and county police departments, State Police and consulting firms engaged in accident reconstruction. With all commands appearing in a single menu, Carlson CSI Mobile is both easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, and offers a library of more than 40,000 automobile makes and models. When recreating an accident scene, you can draw undamaged cars with only two field shots, based on the actual dimensions of the car. Illustrations of damaged cars can be created based on field shots of the damaged area only.

  • Draw linework in the field
  • Save field shots by extending or joining any point on existing lines
  • Easy “Move Up” and “Offset” commands
  • Accident Report as Text File based on car make and model
  • Carlson CSI Mobile and Office is designed specifically for police departments. Special thanks to the Cincinnati Police Department, who have been instrumental in its development.


  • Save field shots by extending or joining to any point on existing lines
  • Draw Cars From Library:

Includes a complete library of vehicle dimensions, makes and models such that with selection of known year, make and model, only two shots on known points will produce a complete drawing of the vehicle to scale (saving extra time-consuming shots in the field)

  • Draw Damaged Cars:

Based on field shots of the damaged area only

  • New “Car” Icon:

Will measure cars based either on 3 point shots or on any known point (like the front driver-side tire position) for both damaged and undamaged vehicles

  • Simplified Offset and Move Up commands
  • Simplified Menu Structure:

Only two “menu worlds” — one screen of survey and file commands and one screen of graphic commands and options

  • Offers Choice:

Supports all major brands of data collectors

  • Prepares accident reports as a text file based on car make and model
  • Includes Symbol Library

For both accident and crime scenes has symbol library for urban features like manholes, poles and fire hydrants, in addition to trees, road signs, etc.

  • Special Line Designation:

Will draw thickened lines for features such as skid marks, lane separation lines and stop sign stopping bars painted on roads

  • Easy-to-use start and end line system where description codes such as EP increment automatically to EP1, EP2 as multiple features are measured

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