Alamo Valley Geosystems provides a comprehensive integrated solutions portfolio of surveying instruments, construction equipment and software solutions. With over 60 years of combined experience in the survey and construction industries, our goal is to provide you the best solution to your needs at the best price. Simple. Like Buying Should Be.

Alamo Valley Geosystems has the largest inventory of Surveying and Construction equipment in the USA. We offer demonstration models and used equipment at unbelievable prices. We also do trade-ins for your used or broken instrument every day.

Our offices offer real person to person customer service, house a state of the art repair center, and provide unprecedented technical support.

Alamo Valley Geosystems also carries a vast array of major brand supplies and accessories – tripods, prisms, and prism poles, etc.

Our list of inventory includes:
• Conventional Total Stations
• Robotic Total Stations
• GNSS / GPS Dual Receiver Kit Systems
• GNSS / GPS Network Rovers
• GIS Handheld Receivers
• Auto Levels
• Digital Levels
• Construction Lasers
• Pipe Lasers
• Machine Control
• Accessories and Supplies

We are here to make it easy for you. Simple. Like Buying Should Be.

Call us now – we will be happy to assist you with what you need.

Caesar Perez – (210) 385-7088